Making Space for Community | Why Church Design Matters in Ministry

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Making Space for Community | Why Church Design Matters in Ministry

Encountering God with Others Requires a Place

With growing digital service options, churches and congregants alike are reassessing the value and function of physical worship spaces. Does the church building matter at all? Data shows that, for Christians, there is no question.

The church building is not an afterthought or accessory to ministry; it is a core component to Church mission that can draw people in and lift hearts up toward God.

To help leaders get intentional about church spaces, Barna has partnered with Aspen Group to create the series Making Space: Why Church Design Matters in Ministry, which includes:

  • Vol. 1 — Making Space for Inspiration
  • Vol. 2 — Making Space for Community
  • Vol. 3 — Making Space for Formation

  • In this second volume, we explore the beliefs, desires and expectations people have about the church building and its purpose. You’ll also find insights and ideas from pastors, Bible scholars, professors, architects and more with valuable expertise related to church design for ministry impact.

    What’s important to create physical space that supports meaningful communion with God and others? Our research shows it may require a new approach to how church buildings are used to foster community—and not just for members.

    The early Church is an example of how God calls believers to “join together constantly” and “enjoy favor with all the people” (Acts 2:47). How might church design support this purpose?

    Making Space for Community shines light on this and the importance of the embodied church for connection and service.

    Format: Paperback, digital. Full color, infographics, 64 pages.

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