Making Space for Formation | Why Church Design Matters in Ministry

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Making Space for Formation | Why Church Design Matters in Ministry

Leverage Your Church Spaces for Vibrant Spiritual Life & Practice

Even in a world that is distancing itself relationally from the Church, respect and reverence for the physical church building remains.

To help leaders get intentional about church spaces, Barna has partnered with Aspen Group to create the series Making Space: Why Church Design Matters in Ministry, which includes:

Vol. 1 — Making Space for Inspiration
Vol. 2 — Making Space for Community
Vol. 3 — Making Space for Formation

This third and final volume of the Making Space series provides valuable insights for pastors and church leaders who are considering renovating or redesigning their church buildings, as well as those who may be questioning the significance of physical spaces in this digital age.

Making Space for Formation unveils growing opportunities for church buildings to help bridge the discipleship gap, grow meaningful relationships and serve as a beacon of hope for the community.

Get the practical guidance and inspiration you need to cast vision and create spaces that people want to return to again and again—all for the glory of God.

Format: Paperback, digital. Full color, infographics, 80 pages.

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