The State of Your Church

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      A Clear Framework for Church Renewal

      For decades, Barna has been tracking the state of the Church in America. And as we’ve watched the world change, it has become obvious that new metrics are needed to truly understand the impact and opportunities of a church ministry. 

      While traditional metrics such as attendance and giving can be useful, they do little to assess how people are growing in key areas and coping with the difficult realities of life. 

      That’s why Barna has partnered with Gloo to create The State of Your Church book, which introduces new research—the culmination of both decades of work and recent study—focused on promoting flourishing people and thriving churches. 

      It includes a new vision and framework for church leadership that empowers you to:

      • Monitor your ministry more accurately 
      • Focus your time and resources more intentionally
      • And track your progress more empirically 

      And it’s home to original writing from David Kinnaman and Dr. Glenn Packiam, along with Q&As featuring:
      Bishop Claude Alexander
      Ryan Burge
      Jenni Clayville
      Kadi Cole
      Nancy Duarte
      Tara Beth Leach 
      Rev. Dr. Brianna K. Parker
      Nicholas Pearce
      Scott Sauls
      Ed Stetzer 
      Tyler VanderWeele, PH.D.
      Ashley Wilcox

      In recent years, church ministry has been fraught with guesswork. And some of that is simply unavoidable. But with the right framework, it’s also possible for leaders to reduce uncertainty and trade in hunches for reliable facts and figures.  

      For the Church to operate at its full potential, we need leaders who honestly and objectively evaluate the impact they are making—leaders who are in tune with the flourishing of the people they are serving and discipling.

      Making that a reality requires new mindsets and methods. 

      You’ll find both in this report. 

      Format: Paperback, digital. Full color, infographics, 155 pages.

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