The State of Pastors, Volume 2

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      Helping Pastors Flourish in Life and in Leadership 

      Since its founding in 1984, Barna Group has been committed to researching the state of the U.S. Church, paying special attention to those in leadership—especially pastors. 

      The State of Pastors, Volume 1 (2017) compiled years of surveys and interviews to offer an overview of how U.S. pastors were faring in three key areas of leadership: 

      1. Self-leadership
      2. Church leadership 
      3. Cultural leadership

      Much has changed since 2017. So we decided to take an in-depth look at these same three areas in our post-pandemic world. 

      The result is The State of Pastors, Volume 2, created in partnership with World Vision, Brotherhood Mutual, RightNow Media and World Impact.

      Within each of the three larger sections, we’re zooming in on specific components and responsibilities of a pastor’s life that impact how they’re doing. 

      This includes areas such as:

      • Relationships
      • Finances
      • Vocation
      • Faith
      • Well-Being

      Yes, there will be stats and insights that feel negative or discouraging, but other findings will bring you validation, hope and even joy. 

      Our goal is simple—to equip church leaders (and those who support them) with the information they need to pursue greater flourishing in their personal lives and pastoral leadership.

      We’re confident this report will accomplish that for a rich variety of pastors.

      Format: Paperback, digital. Full color, infographics, 105 pages.

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Jaime Israel Vega Dominguez
Very good

Hi! This book is really good, I loved the information provided and it has helped me a lot with my PhD in family counseling. My reaserch is about how stress afects the sense of calling of a pastor. I would like to know if you have a test to messure the level of calling that a pastor has. Actually this is the second time I try to reach you but I have not recieved a response.
Anyway, thank you.