Tech-Wise Book Bundle

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Tech-Wise Book Bundle

As the world becomes even more reliant on technology, people need guidance and support for approaching devices with wisdom.

Here are two books that can help you lead more intentionally in this area—at church and at home:

The Tech-Wise Family is a bestselling book by Andy Crouch designed to help you reclaim real life in a digital world. The book features in-depth research from Barna Group that shows how families are wrestling with technology's new realities. It takes parents beyond the typical advice of internet filters and screen-time limits to explore a healthier way to approach technology and life in general. 

My Tech-Wise Life connects on a teen-to-teen level and shares how the intentional use of technology can help young people avoid many negative experiences and cultivate positive memories in the real world. Drawing on new Barna data, Andy Crouch and his daughter Amy share how growing up with minimal technology can be a surprisingly valuable gift. 

Purchased individually, these two books would normally cost $24. But inside The Tech-Wise Book Bundle, you can get them both for only $22.