Jewish Millennials

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Jewish Millennials

Examining Jewish Millennial Identity

Barna has spent years studying how Millennial spirituality is changing in the United States, pointing to dramatic shifts in worldview and toward secularization. Some of the trends we’ve observed hold true broadly across religions and age groups in the U.S—and, in the case of this study, for Millennial Jews.

At the end of the day, Jewish Millennials in the U.S.—even more so than their elders—say they consider their Jewish identity to be very important to them. This report offers a detailed look at how they are defining, experiencing and engaging that identity in the rapidly changing context of the twenty-first century, featuring:

  • Columns by and interviews with leading Jewish thinkers and scholars
  • New statistics about the demographics, value systems and practices of all American Jews
  • Infographics and charts offering a vivid overview of the beliefs and behaviors of young Jews
  • Insights from personal discussions with Jewish Millennials across the U.S.
  • Comparisons and connections to Barna’s extensive data on the faith and lifestyle of Millennials

We present Jewish Millennials with the goal of exploring the mindsets of Millennial Jews and deepening our collective understanding of the future of religion in America.

Format: Paperback. Full color, infographics, 112 pages.

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