Healthy Church Bundle

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Healthy Church Bundle

Save 30% on our Healthy Church Bundle, which features four popular books and research reports to inform your decisions in crucial areas of ministry.

The State of Your Church, created in partnership with Gloo. 
Discover how to measure what matters in ministry, so you can identify opportunities, invest more intentionally and track your progress.  

Gifted for More, created in partnership with Lutheran Hour Ministries. 
Help the people in your congregation uncover their unique areas of gifting and equip members to share those skills in everyday life.

The Heart of the Giver, created with Gloo, Generis and Generous Giving. 
Get an updated view of generosity and a peek into the motivations and priorities of givers—especially those in the Church—in this streamlined summary of three research journals.

Growing Together: A Three-Part Guide for Following Jesus and Bringing Friends on the Journey, created with The Navigators
Find out how God can use discipleship to nurture a resilient faith in you and the people you love.