Gen Z Educators Kit

$ 99.00


Gen Z Educators Kit

6 resources to help you love and lead today’s young people 

Gen Z can feel like a mystery — even to experienced educators who are used to working with young people. 

That’s why Barna and Impact 360 Institute have teamed up to create a suite of resources to help you better understand this emerging generation and connect with it more effectively. 

Inside the Gen Z Educator Kit, you’ll find:

  • A digital copy of Gen Z Vol. 1, a groundbreaking research report that explores the culture, beliefs and motivations shaping the next generation
  • A print copy of Gen Z Vol. 2, based on a follow-up study about caring for young souls and cultivating resilient faith
  • Slide decks for both reports to help you share the findings with colleagues and parents
  • Barna President David Kinnaman’s presentation of Gen Z research findings from both volumes at two Impact 360 Launch Events
  • An educator field guide to help understand and engage Gen Z
  • Video features for secondary and higher education

Growing up with unprecedented access to technology has left a profound mark on today’s youth. 

But Gen Z doesn’t have to feel like a mystery. 

With these data-driven resources, you can get to know today’s young people and discover new strategies for loving and leading those in your care.