Tech-Wise Teams Course

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Tech-Wise Teams Course

Grow Your Business or Nonprofit by Using Technology More Intelligently

Learn How in the Tech Wise Teams Course

Technology can have a profoundly positive impact in the workplace. Used correctly, it empowers people to be more efficient and accurate in their work and it frees up time that would have otherwise been spent on tedious, uninspiring tasks. 

But today, technology and the distractions it brings is often one of the biggest barriers keeping organizations from asking strategic questions that could lead to massive missional or financial growth.

And most companies and nonprofits are using technology in ways that actually prevent people from reaching their full potential and finding fulfillment in their work. 

In the Tech Wise Teams course, you’ll learn how to use technology more intelligently, so you can grow your business and create a better work environment for your people. 

Specifically, you’ll learn about:

  • What types of work technology is good at and where it kills productivity 
  • Important strategic questions technology keeps many businesses from asking
  • How to stop technology from distracting your people from their most important work
  • How to create a more inspiring workplace that realizes the full potential of your team

If you worry that your organization is busier than ever, but less productive at achieving its most important goals... 

If your company culture feels less relational and joyful than it has in the past... 

Come discover a new way to approach technology in your workplace — one that creates space for strategic work and fosters connection and collaboration among team members. 

Even if your organization isn’t in crisis mode right now, implementing the principles from this course will still unlock hidden capacity in your team and help you build a strong foundation for working more efficiently.

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