You On Purpose

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      A Guide to Help People Discover Their Calling and Create the Life They Were Meant to Live

      What should I do with my life? Whether you're just starting out on your journey or you've found yourself at a crossroads and need to change direction, each of us wants to know what our purpose is on this earth.

      We want our work and our lives to have meaning, impact, and significance. We want to do what we were made for--the things we were meant to do. But how do you know what that is? And once you know . . . then what?

      You on Purpose offers you a clear and simple four-step process for discovering and carrying out your calling with confidence:

      • Define: set your intention for what you want to achieve
      • Discover: dig deep into who and where you are
      • Decide: narrow your choices and zero in on your calling
      • Do: start acting on your calling, one step at a time

      Each chapter dismantles a common myth about calling, replacing it with truth born from compelling, current, and up-to-date research from Barna.If you long to discover your unique place in the world, this book will help you catch that vision and make a plan to pursue it.

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