Reviving Evangelism in the Next Generation | Canada

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      The Future of Evangelism in Canada

      How Canadian Gen Z thinks about and approaches spiritual conversations. 

      Do teens believe it's okay to share their faith with others?

      What does evangelism look like among the next generation?

      What is the nature of spiritual conversations in an increasingly secular culture?

      Barna has partnered with Alpha Canada to answer these questions in a new journal featuring new Canadian data called Reviving Evangelism in the Next Generation

      In addition to data and trends, this report also: 

      • Profiles young people who are proud of sharing their faith.
      • Explores how leaders can support Gen Z in evangelism. 
      • Reveals non-Christian teens' expectations for faith discussions
      • Features insights from youth workers and ministry practitioners

      Find out what the future may hold–and how you can walk alongside Canadian teens to revive evangelism with the next generation.

      Get this report and all of Barna's research reports and data-informed resources inside Barna Access Plus.

      Format: Paperback, digital. Full color, infographics, 50 pages.

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