The Heart of the Giver | The State of Generosity Series

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The Heart of the Giver | The State of Generosity Series

What Makes Generosity Happen?

Barna Group’s The State of Generosity project is a serialized effort to equip pastors, nonprofit leaders, financial advisors and others with fresh insights on generosity and stewardship.

This book, The Heart of the Giver, is the culmination of the first theme in this project, adapting from journals produced with the support of our sponsors at Gloo, Generis and Generous Giving:

  1. The Giving Landscape: Who drives generosity—and why
  2. Revisiting the Tithe & Offering: The reality of church giving today
  3. Why Giving Is Good: The joy and community of generosity

These data stories are derived from new surveys focused on the general population, practicing Christians and high-capacity givers. Together, they offer an updated view of modern-day financial generosity, as well as a peek into the priorities, motivations and well-being of givers—especially those in the Church.

We’ve also included Field Guides to help you process and apply the findings, so you can make the most of this data in your unique leadership context.

We’re confident these insights will better inform the way you think about, preach about and plan around giving.

Format: Paperback, digital. Full color, infographics, 128 pages.

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