Personal Spiritual Inventory (20 copies)

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Personal Spiritual Inventory (20 copies)

Download the Personal Spiritual Inventory—a simple but valuable 2-page self-assessment tool. Individuals should complete the 50-question inventory on their own. They will be able to diagnose their personal spiritual maturity in 7 core aspects of the Christian life: worship, evangelism, stewardship, beliefs, service, faith application, and relationships. The Inventory includes a pair of qualitative questions related to each of those dimensions that will require the individual to discuss his/her answers with a spiritual accountability partner.

After completing the Inventory, people will be able to identify specific areas of strength and weakness in their spiritual development, and to pinpoint areas that require special attention.

License limited to 20 individuals per purchase. Please note that photocopying of the PSI is not permitted. Additional copies of this diagnostic tool can be purchased at the standard rate.

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