Generosity & the Next Generation | The State of Generosity Series

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Generosity & the Next Generation | The State of Generosity Series

What can leaders do to foster a passion for generosity that transcends generational differences?

Barna Group’s The State of Generosity project is a serialized effort to equip pastors, nonprofit leaders, financial advisors and others with fresh insights on generosity and stewardship.

This book, Generosity & the Next Generation, offers a streamlined view of how leaders can inspire generosity across generational divides, adapted from research journals created by Barna Group with the support of Gloo, Blue Trust and Kingdom Advisors.

  1. A New Era of Giving: How Millennials & Gen Z approach stewardship
  2. The Trust Factor: Connecting & communicating with young donors
  3. Investing in the Future: A vision for generosity across generations

Inside this report, you’ll find takeaways like:

  • Which trends are reshaping the landscape of generosity
  • The impact of generational differences giving behavior
  • How Millennials & Gen Z approach stewardship
  • Five unique qualities of the next generation of givers
  • Tips for connecting & communicating with young donors 
  • Ideas for responding to a growing cultural trust deficit
  • A vision for generosity that transcends generations

If you’re looking for ways to spark an intergenerational enthusiasm for generosity in your church or organization, the report can give the insights and strategies you’ll need to get started. 

We’ve also included Field Guides to help you process and apply the findings, so you can make the most of this data in your unique leadership context.

We’re confident these insights will better inform the way you think about, preach about and plan around giving.

Format: Paperback, digital. Full color, infographics, 128 pages.

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