Hispanic America

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Hispanic America

Understand one of the fastest-growing audiences in America. 

As the nation’s largest minority group—and one of the fastest-growing segments—Hispanics are an increasingly powerful force shaping our society. And with 84% identifying themselves as Christians, Hispanic Americans are also shaping the face of American Christianity. Hispanic America will give you an understanding of the faith, values and priorities of this important group.

    Reliable, authoritative data and insightful analysis come together to create a useful tool for those who want to help shape the Church of tomorrow. Learn how to minister to and serve alongside Hispanic Americans with the groundbreaking new report Hispanic America.

    “This is one of the best comprehensive studies on our Hispanic population. I commend you for the wide scope and depth of the information.”
    Dr. Fermín A. Whittaker
    CEO, California Southern Baptist Convention

    Four detailed appendices give deep-dive on key variables
    The Print edition is in English and the Digital edition is available in both English and Spanish

    Format: Paperback, digital, espanol digital. Full color, infographics, 164 pages.

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