The Giving Landscape | The State of Generosity Series [Digital Report]

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The Giving Landscape | The State of Generosity Series [Digital Report]

What makes generosity happen?

It’s a question Barna Group has been researching for decades—one we felt compelled to revisit and expand upon during this unique season of ministry. 

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Gloo and a collective of partners to study the who, what, why and how of today’s giving landscape. We’re also looking to the future of giving, both in terms of trends, including non-monetary generosity, and the next generation. 

Multiple reports will emerge from this landmark project, which we’re calling The State of Generosity Series.

This first volume sets our scene. 

In The Giving Landscape, you’ll get an updated view of generosity, as well as a peek into the motivations and priorities of givers, especially those in the Church. 

We hope you’ll be encouraged by how givers are approaching generosity from a faithful, focused and deeply personal posture. And we’re confident you’ll find nuggets of insight and wisdom that can inform the way you think about, preach about and plan around giving.

Format: Digital. Full color, infographics, 53 pages.

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