Good Faith

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Good Faith

Society is changing its mind about the Christian way of thinking and living. Good Faith includes a huge new research study documenting these trends—how Christians are increasingly viewed as irrelevant and as extremist.

The bestselling authors of unChristian turn their data-driven insights toward the thorny question of how Christians talk with people they know and love about the most toxic issues of our day. Readers will discover the five most significant trends that offer both obstacles and opportunities to God’s people, and how not only to challenge culture but to create and renew it for the common good.

Good Faith will help Christians learn:
  • How to respond with compassion and confidence to the most challenging issues of our day.
  • Discover the most significant cultural trends that are creating both obstacles and opportunities for Christians.
  • Know what you believe and why it doesn’t make you an irrelevant or extreme person.
  • Stop being afraid to talk about what you believe and start having meaningful conversations with the people you care about.
  • Understand the heart behind opposing views and learn how to stay friends across differences.
  • Empower a new generation to hold to their beliefs while loving their friends.

Readers of Good Faith will find new research that examines:

  • Cultural trends that are creating stiff headwinds and new opportunities for leaders
  • Perceptions of Christians and churches today, including how churches in post-Christian settings are thriving
  • The new moral code that undergirds today’s culture, and how it sticks to unknowing Christians, too
  • How Christians are struggling with evangelism and what to do about it
  • How to lead well when it comes to difficult conversations on topics like race, religious freedom, and LGBTQ issues
  • How to help Millennial Christians find confidence in their faith
  • How attitudes and beliefs about the Bible are some of the strongest predictors of vibrant faith 

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