Restoring Relationships Digital Summit Bundle (Print)

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Restoring Relationships Digital Summit Bundle (Print)

Save 30% on Five Barna Research Reports about Relationships.

As leaders, one of the biggest ways we can help people flourish in their lives is by helping them flourish in their relationships.  

While every relationship is different, a great first step for strengthening connections is understanding the common struggles relationships face. 

Barna research reports can help leaders develop a data-driven understanding of today’s relationship challenges. And right now, you can save 30% on five of our reports in a limited time bundle.   

Restoring Relationships: How Churches Can Help People Heal and Develop Healthy Connections

Created with Pepperdine University’s Boone Center for the Family, this report explores the state of relationships, the most common challenges relationships are facing and what the church can do to strengthen connections. 

Trauma in America: Understanding How People Face Hardships and How the Church Offers Hope

One in five U.S adults has experienced the effects of trauma in the past 10 years, and this can put a strain on relationships. Created with American Bible Society, this report will help you better understand how to come alongside people who are hurting.  

Households of Faith: The Rituals and Relationships That Turn Home into a Sacred Space

Our most important relationships are usually with the people in our homes. This report, the second in a series of studies produced in partnership with Lutheran Hour Ministries, provides vital principles to strengthen Christian families.

The Mercy Journey: Bringing Hope and Healing to a Broken World

Without mercy, it’s almost impossible for relationships to flourish. Produced with The Reimagine Group, this report offers an overview of how people define, offer and accept forgiveness in their daily lives, along with prevailing attitudes toward mercy and justice in the Church.

The Porn Phenomenon: The Impact of Pornography in the Digital Age

Pornography is pervasive, permeating our culture from shop windows to web ads, premium cable shows to smartphone apps. Produced in partnership with Josh McDowell Ministries, The Porn Phenomenon study exposes the breadth and depth of porn's impact and shows that the Christian community can no longer ignore pornography's effects on the minds and hearts of the next generation.

Purchased individually, these five reports normally cost $185 for print copies. But inside the bundle, you can save over 30%, getting all four for just $129.

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