Beyond Diversity

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      The body of Christ is beautifully diverse, and many churches want to see that reflected in their congregations. 

      But simply being in proximity to people of different racial backgrounds doesn’t eliminate racism or automatically produce positive outcomes.

      When it comes to loving and serving fellow Christians, God has called us to more than proximity—he’s called us to unity and justice.

      That’s why Barna has partnered with Dr. Michael Emerson and the Racial Justice and Unity Center, through a study funded by the Lilly Endowment, to create a new research-driven report called Beyond Diversity

      It’s designed to help leaders better understand the latest opportunities and challenges impacting racial justice in the church.

      It will also help you answer important questions for your own ministry, such as: 

      • How am I stewarding the trust people have placed in me when it comes to leading on issues of race? 
      • What incorrect attitudes remain unchallenged and unchanged in my personal life and / or church that hinder biblical justice and unity? 
      • Has my congregation experienced pain around racial issues (both within and outside the church) that have I remained unaware or dismissive of?
      • How is the Church’s reputation affected by my own ability (or inability) to responsibly address and work toward racial justice?
      • How can the Church contribute to creating systems and structure that encourage racial justice rather than inequity?

      The data presented in this report help to shed light on some of these questions, offering leaders first steps and actionable insights to help them begin the necessary journey of guiding their community more intentionally toward a future of justice and unity.

      Print copies are available for $39 and digital copies are $29. 

      We encourage you to pick up a copy. 

      Included in the Ministry Kit:

      • A print copy of the Beyond Diversity research report
      • Digital copy of the Beyond Diversity research report (can be shared with up to 10 users)
      • Barna's video presentations of Beyond Diversity research findings
      • A presenter's slide deck to help you share the findings with your team, organization and audience
      • Discussion guides to help inspire honest conversations within your team

      Get this report and all of Barna's research reports and data-informed resources inside Barna Access Plus.

      Format: Paperback, digital. Full color, infographics, 156 pages.
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