Translating the Great Commission

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Translating the Great Commission

Contemporary perspectives on a Biblical mandate

The command to represent the gospel may be loud and clear—but it’s not necessarily simple. This study, produced in partnership with Seed Company, gauges the Church’s comprehension of the Great Commission, as well as the many opinions about how to accomplish it.

In today’s increasingly pluralistic and skeptical climate, how do pastors describe and facilitate opportunities to share the Good News? Is the Bible seen as essential in drawing people to Christ? Do Christians feel more compelled to address the spiritual needs or physical needs of others?

In addition to findings from new surveys among adults, pastors and churchgoers in the United States, Translating the Great Commission includes:

  • In-depth interviews with missions scholars and practitioners
  • Barna data unpacking the “evangelism vs. social justice” debate
  • A closer look at the various causes that churches prioritize
  • Analysis about how factors such as travel experience, Bible knowledge and denominational affiliation shape ideas of missions
  • Infographics and charts visualizing the U.S. Church’s understanding of the Great Commission, Bible translation and more

Format: Paperback, digital. Full color, infographics, 128 pages.

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