The Trust Factor | The State of Generosity Series [Digital Report]

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The Trust Factor | The State of Generosity Series [Digital Report]

The Trust Factor: Connecting & Communicating with Young Donors

Vol. 8 in the State of Generosity Series

Barna, Gloo and a collective of partners have come together to study the who, what, why and how of today’s giving landscape. 

In The Trust Factor, the seventh volume of our State of Generosity Series, we’re sharing: 

  • The confidence donors feel about giving to various types of ministries
  • What inspires Gen Z’s and Millenials’ sense of compassion
  • What raises their sense of caution with a giving opportunity 
  • What can be done to fuel trust and engagement for the future of giving, even as cultural and technological shifts reshape the landscape of generosity 

These are crucial matters for any pastor, nonprofit leader, fundraiser or financial advisor to wrestle with. We believe what Gen Z and Millennials have shared with us could have implications on everything from your accounting procedures to your email subject lines. 

We hope these findings, brought to you in partnership with Gloo and Blue Trust, offer clarity as you strategize how to communicate with supporters at an individual and organizational level.

Format: Digital. Full color, infographics, 51 pages.

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