The Mercy Journey

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The Mercy Journey

Rediscovering the Transformative Power of Mercy

In this contentious climate, when it seems like the loudest voice often wins, it can be tempting to root faith expression in having the right ideas, the clearest doctrine, the best arguments. But the call of the gospel is to be like Jesus, who modeled faith in both word and deed. More than ever, it is urgent for Christians to be not only messengers of truth but also ministers of mercy. The Mercy Journey is a data-driven resource based on Barna research conducted in partnership with The Reimagine Group. It is set up to first inspire reflection and then action, moving outward from our hearts, to our homes, to our churches and, finally, to our communities. This report covers:

  • New data and infographics about prevailing attitudes and practices of mercy and justice in the Church
  • An overview of how people define, offer and accept forgiveness in their daily lives
  • Gaps between practicing Christians’ and pastors’ perceptions of how churches facilitate hope and healing
  • Details about how life stage, generation and political ideology factor into expressions of compassion 
  • Turning points and applications to help you navigate The Mercy Journey, including a conclusion from Timothy Keller

Equipped with findings from this unique and introspective study, church leaders and their congregations will be challenged to pursue more thoughtful conversations and compassionate endeavors, representing the whole gospel to a broken world. 

Included in the Church Kit:

  • Print copy of the report
  • Digital copy of the report (can be shared with up to 10 users)
  • Presenter slides
  • Adult small group discussion and leader guides

For in-depth analysis and commentary, visit to purchase The Mercy Journey workbooks and other resources for your church.

 Format: Paperback, digital. Full color, infographics, 48 pages.

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