The Impact of Women | The State of Generosity Series [Digital Report]

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The Impact of Women | The State of Generosity Series [Digital Report]

The Impact of Women: Empowering a Generous Force

Vol. 6 in the State of Generosity Series

Barna, Gloo and a collective of partners have come together to study the who, what, why and how of today’s giving landscape. 

In The Impact of Women, the sixth volume of our State of Generosity Series, we’re sharing: 

  • The numerous ways women give to their churches and communities 
  • How women feel about generosity and their participation in it
  • Fascinating differences in how men and women approach being generous
  • Exciting opportunities to further encourage and support women in giving
  • What it looks like when women in the Church feel fully able to contribute

Generosity can take many forms—from planned ongoing financial giving, to spontaneous one-time gifts, to a pattern of volunteering and being willing to share time and talents with others. Both men and women embrace these expressions, albeit in different ways.

Created in partnership with Women Doing Well, this report is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the unique strengths women bring to the work of generosity—and how you can make the most of them in your unique ministry context.

Format: Digital. Full color, infographics, 42 pages.

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