The Good News About Global Poverty

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The Good News About Global Poverty

Extreme Poverty Is Declining

… but most people in the United States are largely unaware of this progress. So what do they actually believe about poverty and how to address it?

Barna Group, in partnership with Compassion International, has conducted an extensive study of Americans’ understanding of anti-poverty work, from their priorities and suggested solutions to their giving and volunteering habits. Further, the research examines how pastors and practicing Christians embrace a biblical calling to care for the poor in their programs, sermons and daily lives.

This report is a comprehensive and innovative overview of U.S. engagement with poverty alleviation, presenting brand new Barna data as well as:

  • Infographics detailing Americans’—and particularly Christians’—responses to poverty
  • Analysis of how demographics, faith, ideology and even emotions influence participation
  • An introduction to the Poverty Action Types, classifying various approaches to support
  • Expert interviews and practical tips for applying the data

Format: Paperback, digital. Full color, infographics, 128 pages.

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