Five Changing Contexts for Digital Evangelism

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Five Changing Contexts for Digital Evangelism

A research-driven look at five ways digital evangelism is changing.

What is the state of digital evangelism during the pandemic? Are Christians still sharing their faith?  Are non-Christians open to spiritual conversations? How can churches reach people in this challenging time?

To answer these questions, Barna has partnered with Alpha to create a new report called:

Five Changing Contexts for Digital Evangelism

This data-driven journal unpacks how church leaders and Christians are approaching the common phases of evangelism in this digital-hybrid church context.

Topics include:

  • Communication: Pointing to Christ Online
  • Conversation: Creating Safe Spaces to Share Faith
  • Invitation: Bringing Friends to Church
  • Proclamation: Streaming the Gospel
  • Decision: Reimagining “Altar Call” Moments In A Digital Context

The report also includes a field guide with discussion questions and next steps to help you apply these insights in your own ministry.

At a time when so many best practices feel dated, we’re excited to bring you this brand new research about the state of digital evangelism. We hope it will give you the clarity you need to lead confidently in this confusing time.

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