Digital Church in a Lonely World [Digital Report]

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Digital Church in a Lonely World [Digital Report]

It takes people who are daily serving within local churches to help pastors connect the dots from a larger overview to practical application. That’s why Barna partnered with Benjamin Windle—pastor, speaker and author—to create Digital Church in a Lonely World: 7 Ingredients of Church Community. In this brand-new piece—the first in a series of Barna Ideas—Windle brings the research to life and offers fresh thinking about digital church and community engagement. Part 1: In-Person Community and Part 2: Bold Digital Innovation provide timely insights to help churches bring people together in an increasingly online and disconnected world.

Barna Ideas is a series committed to exploring new models, new methods and new mindsets for the future of the Church.

Format: Digital. Full color, infographics, 69 pages.


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