A New Era of Giving | The State of Generosity Series [Digital Report]

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A New Era of Giving | The State of Generosity Series [Digital Report]

A New Era of Giving: How Millennials & Gen Z Approach Stewardship

Vol. 7 in the State of Generosity Series

Barna, Gloo and a collective of partners have come together to study the who, what, why and how of today’s giving landscape. 

In A New Era of Giving, the seventh volume of our State of Generosity Series, we’re sharing: 

  • How young adults think about and approach generosity 
  • Why Gen Z and Millennials are becoming known as “optimistic givers” 
  • Five unique qualities of the next generation when it comes to giving
  • How powerful but sometimes inconsistent beliefs are driving young Christians in gifts of money and time

If you’re a leader working with a ministry, organization or company whose future depends in part on captivating and collaborating with emerging generations, we created this report for you. 

The data and insights you’ll find can help you be in tune with the people you serve, lead objectively and confidently and refine your vision for the future.

Format: Digital. Full color, infographics, 49 pages.

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