Faith Leadership in a Divided Culture

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Faith Leadership in a Divided Culture

Can Religious Freedom Thrive in a Pluralistic Society?

Religious freedom is at the foundation of the American experiment. Yet, as the world grows more complex and the country more diverse, the “rules” of religious freedom have become harder to determine. Can religious freedom truly be available to multiple groups who exist in the same society yet hold fundamentally opposed views on morality? Is there still a place for religion to speak into the political and public spheres? How can people of faith hold firm to their convictions and beliefs yet still hold space for relationships and civility with those who believe differently?

Such questions are at the heart of Barna’s multi-year study on the state of religious freedom in America. This report explores the experiences and opinions of clergy in multiple religious traditions, as well as those of the American population. While the study reveals a certain amount of entrenchment on all sides, we also found that faith leaders want to be part of the solution to the problems facing a religiously plural and increasingly secular society.

In addition to the results of surveys conducted among clergy and the general population, this report includes:

  • Analysis and application from the Barna team on the subject of religious freedom
  • Infographics showing the diverse views of clergy on religious liberty, as well as the pressures and limitations they are feeling when it comes to speaking up about sensitive issues
  • Five “lenses” through which faith leaders can view the questions and issues related to religious freedom

Whether you are a clergy member or lead in another sphere of American life, we invite you to listen to a critical segment of cultural leaders to hear their concerns about the state of religious liberty and evaluate their ideas about leading people of faith into an uncertain future.

Format: Paperback, digital. Full color, infographics, 112 pages.

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