State of Digital Church Bundle [2 Digital Reports]

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      Ministry is changing, but it’s still ripe with opportunities for impact. Discover what’s working and what’s not in this time of social distancing.

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      6 Questions About the Future of the Hybrid Church

      Produced through a partnership with Stadia, this data-driven journal will give you a clear look into:

      • How COVID has impacted church attendance and engagement
      • What strategies are working well in digital church
      • How churches are adapting traditions and ceremonies for this new context
      • What volunteerism looks like in the hybrid ministry model 
      • How the church can continue to make disciples and build community in this difficult year

      Five Changing Contexts for Digital Evangelism

      Created with Alpha, this data-driven journal unpacks how church leaders and Christians are approaching common styles of evangelism in this digital-hybrid church context.

      Topics include:

      • Communication: Pointing to Christ Online
      • Conversation: Creating Safe Spaces to Share Faith
      • Invitation: Bringing Friends to Church
      • Proclamation: Streaming the Gospel
      • Decision: Reimagining “Altar Call” Moments In A Digital Context

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