Pastors + Books

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      The world of communicating to today’s faith leaders is changing.

      Learn the book-buying habits of one of the nation's most avid and loyal reading audiences. While the book business is undergoing some massive and rapid changes, one thing remains the same: pastors love books. Christian leaders are avid readers.

      Pastors + Books will show you where, why and how these loyal customers are learning about and buying new content—including e-books.

      Through this research, anyone that communicates with pastors—including ministries, nonprofits, publishers, authors, agents and booksellers—will gain insights that will help them reach and serve this important and influential audience.

      You’ll discover the answers to questions like these:

      • Are pastors part of the e-book revolution?
      • Where are pastors buying books and why?
      • What makes a pastor choose a book?
      • What topics are pastors reading?
      • What format of books do pastors prefer?
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