Barna CoLab | Reimagining Children's Ministry

$ 249.00


Barna CoLab | Reimagining Children's Ministry

Discover data-driven ways to make your kids' ministry more impactful.

Put simply, children’s ministries are important. 

They’re a source of community for kids, a treasured resource for parents and an opportunity for the church to invest in its own future.  

Here at Barna, we believe great children’s ministries don’t happen by accident. Our kids deserve better than hunches and guesswork. We need timely, reliable data to make smarter decisions in a rapidly changing world. 

That’s why we’ve created Barna CoLab: Reimagining Children's Ministry, an interactive learning experience to strengthen your kids ministry. 

Over the course of six 90-minute live classes, we will:

  • Reveal what the latest Barna research is teaching us about shepherding children 
  • Uncover opportunities and challenges in your ministry through custom assessments 
  • Connect you with other leaders so you can learn and grow together
  • Give you access to experts
  • Inspire and direct powerful discussions for you to have with your team
  • Help you identify practical ways to make your children’s ministry more effective 

CoLab is not designed for people who are looking for a few tips and tricks to try. There are plenty of blog posts that offer that. 

It’s a program we created for leaders who want to truly understand what’s new and what’s next in kids ministry—for the Church at-large and in your congregation. 

Since this is a real-time, interactive experience, seating is limited. 

You can enroll as an individual for just $249.

Or, you can participate with your team and get everyone on the same page for just $399. With this package, you can bring up to 5 people, plus $49 for each additional person.

Children’s ministry is changing, but you don’t have to figure it out alone. 

Join us for Barna CoLab, beginning February 21, 2023.