Tech-Wise Church Course

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Tech-Wise Church Course

The Tech Wise Churches Course

Discover how to use technology to foster connection and discipleship in your church, instead of distracting from it.

When Jesus gave the Great Commission, He instructed His followers to go and make disciples. Unfortunately, today most people are spending exponentially more time being discipled by various forms of media than they are by their church. 

Life wasn’t meant to simply be entertaining. It was meant to be formative. And while we can learn things about Jesus through impersonal media, we learn to be disciples through personal interaction and community.

For the church to succeed in its mission of discipleship, it needs to empower families to use technology more intentionally. And it needs to develop ministry practices designed for an era when many people’s lives and worldviews have been dramatically shaped by technology.

In the Tech Wise Churches course, you’ll learn about:

  • Equipping families to live out their faith in a digital world that often doesn’t support it
  • Inspiring people to rise above leisure and distraction to pursue spiritual formation
  • Leveraging technology in ways that lead to personal relationships and discipleship
  • Helping people deal with the spiritual, relational and emotional struggles that come from access to technology.

Technology has the ability to communicate information and activate emotion in very powerful ways. However, real, lasting change comes through the hard work of growth in personal relationships. 

Discover how to use technology to foster these relationships in your church community, instead of distracting from them, and learn new strategies for approaching discipleship in a digital world. 

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