Tech-Wise Family Course

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Tech-Wise Family Course


Strengthen Your Family by Reinventing the Way You Approach Technology

Learn How in the Tech Wise Family Course

As parents, we want our kids to grow up to be people who flourish spiritually, relationally, vocationally and physically. And we want to foster close relationships with and among our children. 

But in many homes, technology has become an obstacle to these goals. And the problem isn’t simply the amount of time kids spend looking at screens — it’s in the way the entire family engages devices for work, entertainment and communication. 

In the Tech Wise Family course, you’ll learn how to design a home that forms people in wisdom and courage, with technology playing a supporting role instead of a consuming role. 

Specifically, you’ll learn about:

  • How to structure your daily routines for more real-world interaction
  • Making your home a place of restoration and connection instead of distraction
  • Rules that can keep technology from interfering with your kids’ sleep
  • Training your kids to handle digital content with discernment
  • The difference between privacy and secrecy when it comes parenting and adult life

This course isn’t about pious self-denial or villainizing digital media. It’s about experiencing the fullness of life by reexamining our priorities and our patterns. 

It takes work, but the rewards can be a family that flourishes both as a unit and as individuals — and a life of more connection, health and fulfillment. 

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