Barna CoLab | Accelerating Generosity - Team Registration

$ 399.00


Barna CoLab | Accelerating Generosity - Team Registration

Beginning October 19, 2021
Grow your church’s impact. Protect its financial future.

Early Bird Pricing Ends September 24th

Many leaders are uncomfortable talking about the financial aspects of running a church and reaching a community. This can be especially true for people who have personally experienced the pain churches cause when these topics are handled poorly. 

Yet Jesus spoke often about generosity and giving, and he did so transparently and graciously. We believe you can too. 

If you’re looking for practical ways to push through the awkwardness of financial discussions and foster a culture of generosity in your church, we can help. 

That’s why we’ve created Barna CoLab | Accelerating Generosity. It’s an interactive learning experience where we’ll help you change the conversation around giving in your church, so you can impact more people and plan for the future.  

Over the course of 6 weeks, we’ll explore how to:

  • Develop a data-driven perspective of your church’s giving habits
  • Establish and nurture a core team of givers to create stability 
  • Preach and communicate generosity comfortably and effectively
  • Activate non-givers in order to grow your opportunities for impact
  • Instill a passion for generosity in younger generations to better prepare your church for a secure financial future

We’ll provide the research, the community, the assessments and the framework. You’ll bring your experience, perspective and passion for ministry. 

Together, we’ll design a plan to improve your church’s financial health in sustainable ways. 

Since this is a real-time, interactive experience, seating is limited. 

You can enroll as an individual for just $249 ($199 early bird).

Or, you can participate with your team and get everyone on the same page for just $399 ($349 early bird). With this package, you can bring up to 5 people, plus $49 for each additional person.

If you’re tired of seeing money limit your church's impact...
If you want to better prepare your church for a secure financial future...
If you need a plan for pushing through discomfort and changing your church’s giving culture...

Join us for Barna CoLab | Accelerating Generosity, beginning October 19th, 2021.