The Generosity Gap + Webinar

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The Generosity Gap + Webinar

What does it mean to be generous? And how is generosity changing?

The Generosity Gap unveils new research among U.S. Christians and pastors on their attitudes, perceptions and habits related to generosity. Commissioned by Thrivent Financial, The Generosity Gap explores:

  • How pastors and Christians agree (and don’t) on what it means to be generous
  • Generational differences in how people perceive and practice generosity
  • How financial goals and motivations impact generous habits
  • Giving methods and invitations that strengthen generosity
  • How people express generosity through a variety of habits, including volunteerism, hospitality, gifts and emotional support

The Generosity Gap will help you understand today, strategize for the future and dream up fresh ideas for how to connect Christians’ heart, mind and soul with their potential giving strength.

Format: Paperback, digital, webinar. Full color, infographics, 80 pages.

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