Duo: Gen Z & Barna Trends

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      Two studies that will become your essential companions in a post-truth society.

      Gen Z

      Produced in partnership with Impact 360 Institute, Gen Z: The Culture, Beliefs and Motivations Shaping the Next Generation is Barna’s most comprehensive research on the perceptions, experiences, and motivations of 13- to 18-year-olds. This report is our best thinking thus far on the worldview of teens in the next, next generation. 

      Barna Trends 2018 
      In a time when even facts are open to interpretation, it’s never been more vital to have a grounded understanding of the world around us. Barna Trends 2018 is an indispensable annual review of Barna’s major research studies, and your essential companion in a post-truth society.


      Format: paperback. Full color with infographics.

      Gen Z: 128 pages. Barna Trends: 224 pages.

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